Introduction to Psychology Video:

History of Psychology Time Line Project

How to conduct a Survey Project

Model of a neuron project (EXAMPLE)

external image clayn.jpgCreate your model using
Include the following parts:Title: NeuronCell bodyAxonAxon terminal DendritesMyelin Sheath Write a paragraph describing the function of a neuron. Highlight and use the following terms accurately in the paragraph:Peripheral Nervous SystemNeuronsCell BodyDendritesAxon
Model of a brain project (EXAMPLE)

external image clayb2.jpg

external image clayb1.jpg

The Endocrine System (Group/In Class Project):
Groups will create a life size diagram of the Endocrine System. See page 68 in your textbook for assistance. Students must label all parts of the Endocrine System and describe the functin of each.
  • The Pituitary Gland
  • The Thyroid Gland
  • The Adrenal Glands
  • The Testes
  • The Ovaries

APEX Brain Tiered Assignments
external image 313px-Brainlobes.svg.png

The Five Senses Video (See Mrs. Goodwin for the handout)

Perception and the Embodied Mind (APEX)
Student Sample: Perception Images.JPG

external image 4f15a8a5947ef.preview-300.jpg Sleep Video Assignment

Sleep Poster Project:This is a major assessment.

Stress: Portrait of A Killer Assignment
See Mrs. Goodwin to access the National Geographic Video "Stress: Portrait of a Killer"

This video will assist you with your notes about Piaget's Cognitive Development Project/Notes

Classical Conditioning Sample Project


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